EQ: Yakety Sax and 2 Questions

So my wife and I decided, instead of playing our older toons on Cazic Thule, we’d start fresh on Luclin.  Honestly we don’t know how to play our older toons anyways.  The only difference on starting over is this server is we aren’t able to twink our toons at all, and we are broke.

I really think I’m an odd bird.  First thing I have to do is create the toons I think I want to play.  Ok let’s make a Beast Lord, um…I know I love some Monk…I’ve never played a Bezerker in EQ before…I always thought Rangers would be fun…ok, gotta make a toon to be my mule/vendor.  Then I pick one for a solo toon.  This toon will be getting a lot of play time due to my wife taking summer courses at college.  I choose my monk.  If things are as I remember, my monk was very self sufficient and don’t require a lot of items to dole out quite a beating.

Then comes our paring process.  Ok, this toon goes with this toon, yada yada.  Then we actually start playing.  I leveled my monk first and he’s currently setting at level 13 I believe.  I was really surprised, while be-boppin through the Bazaar, I heard “a voice in the wind” asking me to join a channel.

Ooooohhh GM invent.  Nice!!  I join the channel and the GM is asking for anyone intrested to go to West Karana.  Sweet!!!  Uhhh…hmmmm…other than Tipa’s blog, I haven’t been to West Karana in…years.  According to my toons on Cazic I haven’t logged in, in over 4 years and that was just to run around PoK.  I have no idea how to get there.  I ask my wife (who was studying at the time) and she gives me a brief run down that included catching a boat from….Butcherblock?  Can Iksar’s run through Butcherblock?  Ugh, I have no idea.

Needless to say, I didn’t get to play in the GM’s reindeer game.  Instead I went to the Field of Bone.  That should be a good place at my level right?  Running through the center of the pit, I just found grey, grey, grey…Yellow Burynia!!!  Hey I’m a monk…I’m not afraid of a stupid skunk/badger looking thing.  So I start fighting it and it was soooo scared it had to call it’s two brothers.  Ugh.  1 Yellow, maybe….3…forget about it.

Of course, I don’t have Feign Death yet so I take off a’truckin.  I make my way out of the pit.  The burynia are still follwing me.  I start zig zagging through the woods.  Still there.  I make it into some ruins.  Yep behind me.  At this point, I felt I had ran a good distance and in the back of my mind echoed that Benny Hill song while I was being chased.

Right before I zoned into Cabalis, I turned only for the burynia to whack me a few times.  I shook my head and zoned to safety.  Perhaps I should rethink my strategy.

Next highest toon is my level 9 Beast Lord which I am playing with the wife.  We haven’t left the tutorial yet but should by the end of tonight.  I am left with two questions.  I have all the expansions up to Depths of Darkhollow (10 of 15), are there any benifits to finishing my expansion collection for lower levels?  Or are all the additions just higher level content?  And also, how do you make money now?  Bazaar seems dead and for some reason I don’t think Bone Chips and Acrylia Ore will sell like it once did.


One Response to “EQ: Yakety Sax and 2 Questions”

  1. Crescent Reach is a really nice starting area, and has a lot of quests that offer pretty good gear and coin rewards – it comes from the Serpents Spine expansion. Most of the other ones have no real lower end content to speak of.

    Also, Seeds of Destruction implemented mercenary NPC, which some people adore and some do not. They’re free to use at lower levels (no charge until 10+ I believe) and can be healers or tanks. When you can’t find a group or you’re wandering alone, they really help out. Now, if you’re looking for a pure old school feel, then I don’t suggest using them, but personally, I love their addition to the game.

    As for making money – craft supplies still sell well in the bazaar at least on Drinal, especially the loams and ore that drop from encounters all over and that are used for cultural combines.

    I believe SoD comes with all of the expansions, as well as a crate of defiant armor and some LoN booster packs, but could be wrong. For the cost (and since you’re missing 5 expansions) it’s really not that bad.

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