EQ: Smiles From Ear to Ear

After my tech ordeal yesterday, my wife and I got to log in later than I wanted, but, some good gaming got done.  We were down to 4 quests in the Mines of Gloomingdeep.  Basically all the named bosses.  We laid down a reign of punishment and terror upon the Kobold’s that would leave, even the bards and poets of Norrath, speechless.

Off to PoK.

Per the game’s suggestion we found a few people offering Armor Quests and grabbed the ones we found.  Next, we ran over to the Guild Hall Lobby.  As was pointed out to me, the Guild Hall Lobby is the new Main Bank.  And sure enough there were roughly 90 people hanging out there.

We called out to find some nice souls to throw some buffs our way.  It’s funny, we had a 5 minute talk on the names of them.  In the end I think we could only remember Breeze and KEI.  Someone was nice enough to give us some Breeze and then we just went with my wife’s Shammy buffs.

Off to Butcherblock we went.

The first AQ wasn’t tough at all.  My wife was chiming “Yeaaa!  We’re in Butcherblock!  We’re in Butcherblock!”  Our first stop was the Chessboard.  The skellies around there begging us for mercy.  Next stop was the tower over by the druid ring in BB.  This area gave me the biggest chuckle.  About the time you hit the valley, in BB the music changed.  The best music MIDI can offer….I just couldn’t stop laughing.  MIDI 🙂

We finished off that AQ and started the second, which took us into Greater Faydark.  Again the Nostalgia was flowing plenty.  I had to stop and marvel at seeing the spires once more.  We had to log half way through the quest.  Hopefully that will be finished tonight.

Once I got into the gaming, I had a great time seeing all these places over again.  We had a great time.


2 Responses to “EQ: Smiles From Ear to Ear”

  1. Even though I am not currently playing EQ (but that can change and probably will soon!), if you’d like an invite to Nostalgia for the guild hall and guild bank access and all the goodies in the guild bank, that can be easily arranged 🙂

  2. Thanks for the offer Tipa. Not worried about Goodies but, would definately join the Guild and when you come back, would love to hang out with you!

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