Troubleshooting is Like EverQuesting

Yesterday didn’t quite go as planned.  What was planned was logging in my EQ trader and then start cleaning the house.  What ended up happening was me waiting for the server to patch.  No big deal.  I started my cleaning.  When the time came for the server to come up, I tried to log in.  Half way to the character select screen, I got a Blue Screen of Death.

That’s weird.  I powered off my computer and powered it back on.  Half way through the XP splash screen I had another BSOD pop up and the computer rebooted on it’s own.  Yikes.  But, I am an experienced computer pro so, I wasn’t really worried about it.

Tried to boot into safe mode.  BSOD and instant reboot.  Ugh.  Boot to last known good config?  Fail.  Hmmmm…where’s my XP disk.  The first XP disk I could find was an old XP Pro.  I put that in trying to get to a C prompt.  Once it loaded the files and tried to start up I got another BSOD (this time one I could read).  And that prompted me to investigate the PCI.SYS file.

At this point I was sweating pretty good.  I booted up my wife’s computer and started investigating the BSOD message.  Turn’s out the error is due to using a XP Pro cd and not a XP Pro with a built in Service Pack.  So back through flipping my CD’s.

I found a XP SP1 disk, which loaded in smoothly.  Yippieeee!!!!  Hit R to do a repair and did a CHKDSK /F.  That took roughly an hour to run but, I was able to boot fine afterwards.  All my data appears in tack.

Did a full scan of EQ, came back after a while and it loaded in fine.  This isn’t replacing my regular post but, I thought the info may be useful info if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Happy Hunting!


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