EQ: Fun With Bandits

My wife and I were in and out of Norrath most of yesterday.  Our level 14’s (Beastlord and Shaman) went back and hit Crushbone for a bit.  Lord Darish, Emperor Crush and even Amassador D’Vinn (who conned red at the time) all tasted the heel of my boot, in a sort amount of time.  We left Crush at level 16.

At that point, we split up and purchased a few levels worth of spells.  For those of you who may not have played EQ, there is no one set vendor to buy all your spells from.  You literally have to look up your spells via Allakhazam, find who and where you have to go to get your spells at then spend some time vendor/zone hopping untill you buy up to whatever level you’re buying from.  I use to think it was a huge pain but, I found that I actually missed it and the break from killing things was welcomed.  (Give this a few more levels though and I may think it is a pain again.)

We found ourselves in probably my favorite EQ zone of all, Paludal Caverns.  Paludal Caverns is the equivalent of a MOB mine field.  Mobs are everywhere and if you don’t watch your step, it’ll explode and you’ll have 6 Mobs wailing on you from all sides.  This zone is at it’s finest when you have a nice full group and you can pull one or two groups at a time.  Then it is fast pace, you can conserve your mana a little more and you’ll end up dinging like a dinner bell before you knew what happened.

In it’s hay day, the zone would always be full of lower level toons.  The cavern had 3 different places people would camp for mobs at and a tunnel system which you’d wander around in fighting single (usually) Mobs untill you could find a group at a camp site.

We were greeted at the zone in by Yelloweyes.  I doubt he missed us as much as we missed him.  Camp Site 1 (or c1 as it was affectionately know as and also closest to the zone in) had a higher level Beast Lord that was apparently trying to farm something, most of the day.  That led my wife and I the back way to C3.

Pulls were tough at first.  I had to play around with keeping my dog from messing up my pulls.  I only had 2 bad pulls but we were able to keep our head above water.  And as promised we leveled fairly quickly.

I haven’t seen this before in EQ but apparently there is a weird bug with the mobs in EQ.  I kept teasing my wife EQ is trying to compete for the Age of Conan crowd 🙂

Quick Notes:
EQ still really needs a clock.

The few deaths, no corpse runs were needed.  We revived with full gear and from what I could tell, not much of an xp hit that I could tell, at least pre-20.

Depending on the homework my wife brings home today, the plan tonight is to hit the Netherbian Lair.  It’s another of my all time favorite EQ zones.  In the old days, it would mark the end of faster dings and the long slow grind up would start.  Of course, there’s a good chance that may have changed.


5 Responses to “EQ: Fun With Bandits”

  1. /time 🙂

    Netherbian Lair, unless it’s a hotspot, is not a good place for xp. If it’s experience you’re after, and it’s important it be done in Luclin, I’d suggest Dawnshroud Peaks orrrrrr that one zone I can’t remember the name of that is mostly desert… Marus? Something? It’s the zone off NL that is not DSP or Nexus.

    Otherwise I’d suggest heading down to Brightmoors or whatever it’s called in Serpent’s Spine. Or giants in Rathe Mountains for cash, though the kills may be too slow for good xp. Now’s the time (after PC has gotten you into your twenties) when you can begin having fun in Permafrost, which is also excellent XP.

  2. Brylcreem Says:

    I play in windowed mode as I have a widescreen monitor so I can always see the windows taskbar clock. Kind of handy I just have to remember to look at it! :o)

    I am glad to read about someone who rejoined and started from the beginning. I didn’t get into EQ until 2006 or ’07 (it was near Jan) just before the buried sea expansion.

    I started with my brother-in-law who barely played video games let alone an mmo and it was very neat learning all these new things, but I missed out on a lot of the older zones because hot zones were the thing to do. It is very interesting to me to read about these zones and about a different perspective on the game as there are very few bloggers that really write about EQ1 anymore.

    Good luck and keep blogging!

  3. Did I end up outleveling NL? The NL I remember was a great zone (at least for groups). It offered a decent respawn time and an endless amount of mobs. Of course bear in mind I haven’t been there in years and I would be the first to tell you that my memory isn’t always very reliable.

    Either way I’ll let you know tho 🙂

  4. @Brylcreem ~ I stopped playing in 05. Even back then the amount of zones you had to choose from was incredible. Especially the older low level zones we’re a lot of fun (at least for me) and are defiantely worth checking out IMO. With that said, I still haven’t bought an expansion past Depths of Darkhallow, and couldn’t even compair them to the newer zones. But, I can compare them with quite a few other MMO’s I’ve played. PC is a zone that just can’t be touched. If you can find a full group of lower level people, go in there and spend a few hours. Once you learn where to step, and where to sit, and get your pulls down, you’ll have a total blast.

  5. Nothing wrong with the zone mobs, just the Zone Experience Modifier (ZEM) is set low for most of Luclin, as most of the leveling zones are classified as ‘outdoors’, as is NL, despite technically indoors. This makes Luclin a somewhat undesirable place to level unless you need the bricks the mobs drop for crafting, as most of the lower level zones are outdoors. Higher level zones, especially on the dark side of Luclin which were tuned for new Vah’Shir, are better bets for leveling and are also a bit more fun, I think.

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