VG: Noob Days Are Gone

It’s all a matter of setting a goal and attaining that goal.  That is what I did last night.  I logged in, and got a Temple group…did I say group, I meant Trio.  A trio of healers at that.  2 Shaman and a Disciple. 

I scouted the area yesterday and a trio of healers had me a bit worried to say the least.  It was a happy surprise to find we pretty much steam rolled in a very quick fashion will little or no problems.

The Temple it self was a nice area.  Full of mobs and quests.  We ran across people doing diplomacy quests in there.  I found the middle of a dungeon to be an odd place to do diplomacy at but, for some reason I have a feeling that it offered a really good story line to it.

What Big Eyes You Have!

What Big Eyes You Have!

That concluded my adventuring quests.  I know that diplomacy and crafting is suppose to be some of the highlights of Vanguard, I have decided to skip those aspects of the game, as I know my time is limited.

When leaving the starter area, I was given all 3 continents as a option where to go.  I figured as a Vulmane, Thestra would be as good of place as any and one of the guys from my group agreed to go there as well and show me the ropes.

Per his advice, the first thing we’d want to do is get some mounts.  After 2 griffon rentals (griffons are awesome) and 15 minutes, we finally made it there.  15s to get a starter mount is pretty sweet.  But, considering the distance we had to travel, I am thinking a mount is a must in the game.

He also got me over to what he said was a good place for the level.  It was nice to find a guide ini the game.  I made sure I added him on my friends list and he had me join a brotherhood just to see what it would do.

I Shall Call Him Mini-Me

I Shall Call Him Mini-Me

I had to look it up this morning…

The Brotherhood System
Brotherhoods are a method for you and your friends to gain experience for each other, even when some of you are offline.


·         All experience you earn is split amongst the members of the fellowship, even members who are offline.

·         When you are in debt or have lost experience, your experience will be devoted to repaying your debt/loss before you resume contributing to the brotherhood.

·         Brotherhoods are completely independent from groups; you can be a member of both at the same time.

Brotherhoods can have a maximum of six members.
You must be within five levels of every member of the brotherhood in order to join.
You must be within a few meters distance to invite a player to your brotherhood.
If you leave your brotherhood or are removed, you may not join another one for four hours of online played time.
Members who are offline do not receive their experience until they log on. (Be careful when using the system to level up rarely-played characters, as their skills will fall behind, thus they will be very weak for their levels!)

That actually sounds pretty sweet.  Now to find the housing and level up to get my pet.


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