Gaming Galore

Yesterday was a power day of gaming for me. I was pretty pleased on how much I was able to fit in, in my short amount of time.

Now that I’m off Noob Island and on the mainland I feel fairly overwhelmed.  The area is huge and my character feels small.  I knocked out a hand full of quests and somehow found myself at the beginning of a dungeon’esque kind of place.  I went for it but, was called away at the most inopportune time.  Death was inevitable.

Raise Your Hand If Youre Sure!

Raise Your Hand If You're Sure!

Free Realms:
I’m gonna have to be honest here.  I’ve decided I’m just not that into Free Realms no matter how much I try.  I did try it again yesterday.  I ran around, won quite a few games of chess and did get sucked into a the mining mini-game for a while.
I did get to play with my wife some Everquest last night.  I was fairly excited because I was ready to hit 30 and get my next pet.  I was kind of sick of Marus Saru and wanted to try another place to hunt for a while.  That began this hour long journey of running to different zones trying to remember the best place to go.  We tried Great Divide, Eastern Wastes, the Beach of Gunthak, Stonebrunt Mountains, and Grimbling Hills just to name a few and couldn’t find a good place in any of them. 

The Norrath Was Full Tonight

The Norrath Was Full Tonight

There were a hand full of zones that the mobs must have left with the players.  In Hollowshade Moor, my wife and I split up and counted 5 mobs in the whole zone.  YIKES!!  Of course, knowing Everquest we could have been in there at the wrong time of day.

Eventually, we found ourselves back in Marus Saru and I did get to ding 30.  The disappointment of the day was my new pet being >27.  This means that when I get my next one at 39, odds are he will con grey to many of the mobs I hope to be fighting.  Disappointing, disappointing, disappointing.


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