LotRo: Alt-itis

I am not sure why I do this, but I do, in every MMO I play.  I’m sure a good shrink could tell me exactly what this means but, I have no clue.  Perhaps a fear of commitment?  So I make my first LotRo character.  He’s a Champion.  Some Melee DPS action going on.  I’m a huge fan of me some melee.  And I am diggin him.  I’ve got him fishing some, crafting some…he’s going places. 

At level 12 when I’m roaming around Bree, I see this little Hobbit floating around the crafting area and he looked TOTALLY AWESOME! He had some stubby toes and a bear face looking hood and two cool looking pot-sticker weapons.  I inspected him to find he was a hunter.  I need a Hunter.  Thus my hunter was born.

I am really digging my hunter.  He’s awesome and most things are dying at my feet without hitting me at all.  He doesn’t look super cool yet but I know he will with a bit of time.  At this point in the game I’m selling most of my harvested items for some decent coin.  Trying to work up to a house before I start my crafting.  I’m soloing everything pretty decent with my hunter but, groups are providing a challenge.  It kind of stinks that I can’t really heal myself.  It would be good if I could do some damage and heal myself.

Hello Lore-Master, how are you today.  I’m not too far into my lore master.  He’s still in the brand, new, noob area.  But, he’s got his crow and a heal and a real good nuke.  But while my bird was peckin’ away at some wolf some Hobbit next to me keeps screaming.  I’ll be fighting a mob and from out of no where I hear a “AAAAAAAAAGGHHHH!”  So, I stop to check out this Minstrel.  Now he looks pretty cool.

My Minstrel is pretty awesome.  He’s got a cool little lute he’ll break out and play at mobs.  “Hey mob!  Gonna kill you, wrote alittle song about it.  Wanna hear it?  Here it go.”  So far I really enjoy him.

And of course, I’ve also made a Warden (didn’t care for him by at level 3) and am about to make a Burglar.

I do want to make a few points about LotRo: 

First was my download time.  From Turbine I was hitting 700 – 900 kbps.  That is some awesome speed from a game company to my house.  Here at work, I’m downloading the High Res version and holding steady at 2.3 Mbps.  Very nice!

Second.  Lag in game…or lack of lag in game.  I’m in a fairly populated server, with my settings at a decent level.  I as of yet have hit any thing that resembles lag.

Last.  This is my second favorite starter area’s from any MMO (first being EQ2’s RoK noob section TD).  If you start reading the quests, you can’t stop.  If you are familiar with LotR you’ll know exactly where you are in the plot.  It gives you enough leash for you not to realize you’re being led around the zone while totally being lead around the zone.

So far, my experiences have all been positive and I am feeling very emerged.  I’ll keep you posted.


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