LotRo: Level 15 Burglar and Book Night

Here, on the planet Earth, life had me spending my Father’s Day at work.  My day did not pick up until roughly 7pm’ish when I finally got home to find my wife and son bought me a Fathers Day Cake :-).  Home is awesome but, work was crappy. 

However, in Middle Earth, I had a very good day.  I worked on my Burglar for a good part of my day.  I am having him become my solo toon due to the challenge he presents.  Finally got him to level 15.  His class quest was a bit of an issue though.  Every time I would attack a mob, that mob would get a bunch of question marks over their head and it would freeze up.  Through trial and error I found if I went to a certain location, all frozen mobs would unfreeze and come to shave my little hobbit feet, and then kill me (In that order).

A Random, Unrelated Screen Shot

A Random, Unrelated Screen Shot

According to my guild, this is one of the bugs in game.  Yikes!  (Hopefully today’s patch will fix it?)  After 4 deaths, and much trial and error, I finally finished my class quest.  Kind of a bummer because I’m fairly certain without that glitch I could have kept my nearly perfect non-death status on my toon.

Last night, my wife (on her hunter) and I (on my minstrel) joined the guild for Book Night Sunday.  Apparently, they do Book Quests on Sunday (and parties on Wednesday).  The Book 1 final dungeon was much fun.  We kind of cheated due to not having a full group (1 person shy) but, 1 of the members was in his upper 30’s.  So, it wasn’t as challenging as it should have been but, we still had a good time.

The end of Book 1 quests involved us getting to talk to Gandolf for the first time.  I felt this was a good place to end our gaming for the night.  Dinging, finishing major quests and questlines AND cake?  What more could you ask out of your Father’s Day?


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