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LotRo: Guild Fair’s

Posted in LotRO, MMO's, MMORPG on June 21, 2009 by crookshankz

Yesterday, there was a guild fair was held at the Bree Fair Ground and was sponsered by one of the RP Guilds on my server.  I had to go check it out.  I know it’s hard to tell from this screenshot but, every single tent had at least 1 guild hanging out under the tent and a few guilds in open area.

I had a good time with it, talked to some intresting people.  I ended up joining the Shire Shrooms.  They seem like a nice bunch so far.

Personally, I am still taking the game at a fairly leisure pace.  My minstrel is still level 16 and I have a 13 burglar.  I have been spending my time crafting, harvesting, and fishing.  Also, much time has been spent listening to the bards at the Prancing Pony.  I am still enjoying this change of pace and I hope to see it continue.


LotRo: 5 Reasons I Like LotRo (so far)

Posted in LotRO, MMO's with tags on June 18, 2009 by crookshankz

In the first week-ish of playing LotRo, I’ve taken my Minstrel up to level 15 on the Landroval server.  For a change, I’ve taken things at a fairly slower than normal pace (for myself at least).  I am proud to say I have read every quest I’ve taken on and I’ve done a ton of harvesting and a fair bit of crafting.

If you’re looking for the ins and outs of the game, this isn’t that article.  On top of that, I would hardly call myself a stickler for details.  Just by reading the poor grammar and misspelled words in  my blogs,  you should know that already.  But, I would say, I know what I like, and LotRo seems like it is full of things I like, at least within the first week of play.  Here’s part of what I’m liking so far (in no particular order):

The in game music is fantastic and it really sets the mood.  But, what I am referring to is the player made music you’ll find.  If you aren’t familiar with this, a bard can purchase an instrument (lute, flute, clarinet, etc) and use his keyboard for actual notes. 

 I spent at least 30 minutes tonight, in an Inn listening to people playing.  I heard people playing “I’m Yours” ~ Jason Mraz, “Cat’s in the Cradle” ~ Harry Chapin and “What is Love” ~ Haddaway(I was upset I couldn’t do the head bob that Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan did in Night at the Roxbury).  This girl in the screenshot was playing an excellent version of Rolling Stones, “Paint It Black”.


See the screenshot above.  I don’t know if you can read that but, it says Son of…, yes, that’s my son in real life, and that’s my son in game.  How cool is that.  He loved it.

I know, I know.  I’m just a goof when it comes to fishing.  I did it quite a bit in EQ2, I do it even more in LotRo.  Why?  I think it’s two fold.  A)  I can take some fish to the taxidermist and have them stuffed to hang on my wall.  B)  The scenery is like stepping into a Thomas Kincade painting.  This is really the same reason I harvest so much.  I just like spending time in Middle Earth, just for the view.

Role Playing/Player Ran Events:
I don’t even know how to Role Play but, I enjoy reading it.  I enjoy watching it.  And Landroval is a GREAT place to watch it.  A guild called The Common Folk have hosted both a RP Farmer’s Market and an Apple Festival in the Shire.  Tonight, a guild called the Shire Shrooms had story telling in Bree.

I am not a huge fan of LotR, the books.  I understand why they are considered a masterpiece and I can agree, that they are.  But, I feel that you can only read about so much walking, and there are times where I felt beat over the head with the description.  The books just aren’t my cup of tea.  But, the story line and the approach the quest writers took with the opening quests, I thought are really good.  You’re character’s, so far, are running parallel with Gandolf, Frodo, Samwise and Strider.  The part I am at in the story, I just met Strider and hopefully Frodo and Samwise have just left the Shire.  Now I feel compelled, after I finish reading the book I am currently reading (Head’s) to reread Fellowship of the Rings, so I can compare the descriptions in the book with how Turbine made the Shire look.  So I can say, “Hobbiton?  I’ve been there.” or “Those Took are a rascally bunch.”

Those are just a few of the things I am enjoying about LotRo.  Once I hit a certain level am I going to start hating the grind?  Probably, but, I can’t say predicting the future was ever my strong suite. 

Relax, thats my wife :)

Relax, that's my wife 🙂

I will say, that after I hit 20 (so I can get my appearance slots) I play to put a break on my leveling and start enjoying the player made events even more than I am now.  LotRo doesn’t seem like one to try to rush to end game, it seems like a game to take slowly and savor, and that is what I intend to do.

Happy Hunting.

Free Realms: I’m That Not Cool

Posted in Free Realms, MMO's, MMORPG with tags on June 7, 2009 by crookshankz

I typically do not write these kind of posts but, for some reason I feel the need to explain my stance on Free Realms.  I know all the cool kids are loving them some Free Realms but, it’s just not my cup of tea.  Why you may ask?

First off, it’s the flavors.  Miner, Card Duelist, Pet Trainer, Brawler, Demolition Derby Driver, Kart Driver, Postman, Chef and Ninja.  That’s a lot of flavors and I can be any of them!  But, I don’t care about any of them.  Really not one bit.

I think it has to do with the ingredients.  Two part Second Life to One part Pop Cap Games.  Look at me playing Bejeweled to level up mining…YEAAAAAAAA!  NintenDogs, come here Scout!!!!!  He’s a good boy, yes he is!  If I was into these kind of time sinks, I’d be playing those kind of time sinks.  Not a time sink that pretends to be a different kind of time sink but, has a variety of the same kind of time sinks.

The game just doesn’t taste good to me for some reason.  I know it’s suppose to.  I like the idea of the tea.  A light weight, browser based tea, that allows me to be all the flavors sounds great.  I truely believe that this way of thinking is much closer to my MMO of the future.  I love that aroma! But, at the end Free Realms leaves me with a bad after taste.

Gaming Galore

Posted in EQ1, Free Realms, MMO's, Vanguard, vg with tags on June 7, 2009 by crookshankz

Yesterday was a power day of gaming for me. I was pretty pleased on how much I was able to fit in, in my short amount of time.

Now that I’m off Noob Island and on the mainland I feel fairly overwhelmed.  The area is huge and my character feels small.  I knocked out a hand full of quests and somehow found myself at the beginning of a dungeon’esque kind of place.  I went for it but, was called away at the most inopportune time.  Death was inevitable.

Raise Your Hand If Youre Sure!

Raise Your Hand If You're Sure!

Free Realms:
I’m gonna have to be honest here.  I’ve decided I’m just not that into Free Realms no matter how much I try.  I did try it again yesterday.  I ran around, won quite a few games of chess and did get sucked into a the mining mini-game for a while.
I did get to play with my wife some Everquest last night.  I was fairly excited because I was ready to hit 30 and get my next pet.  I was kind of sick of Marus Saru and wanted to try another place to hunt for a while.  That began this hour long journey of running to different zones trying to remember the best place to go.  We tried Great Divide, Eastern Wastes, the Beach of Gunthak, Stonebrunt Mountains, and Grimbling Hills just to name a few and couldn’t find a good place in any of them. 

The Norrath Was Full Tonight

The Norrath Was Full Tonight

There were a hand full of zones that the mobs must have left with the players.  In Hollowshade Moor, my wife and I split up and counted 5 mobs in the whole zone.  YIKES!!  Of course, knowing Everquest we could have been in there at the wrong time of day.

Eventually, we found ourselves back in Marus Saru and I did get to ding 30.  The disappointment of the day was my new pet being >27.  This means that when I get my next one at 39, odds are he will con grey to many of the mobs I hope to be fighting.  Disappointing, disappointing, disappointing.

VG: One More Try

Posted in MMO's, MMORPG, Vanguard, vg with tags , on June 5, 2009 by crookshankz

Alas, I have lost my wife…to The Sims 3.  My poor, poor EQ Beastlord is just 1 level away from 30 and his next Puppy.  And he’ll be stuck there for a while waiting for my wife’s Sim to stop playing computer games, so she will join me in playing computer games.  So what is a poor boy to do?

As reported in quite a few places (none of which I can seem to find at the moment) Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is coming to my rescue by activating peoples accounts that have been canceled for at least 2 months.  Sweet!  Something to do. 

Vanguard is one of those games, I have always wanted to play for a while but, either the game was too system intensive or it just couldn’t keep my attention.  Now the timing to try it seems just right.  Last night, was my first bit of game time for the past few weeks and I tried to make the most of it.

I tinkered with a few classes (Bard, Druid, Disciple) but, decided to go back to a level 7 Shaman.  He’s a uh…ummm…wolf looking guy.  I was able to complete his quests up to the temple. 

Tonight’s plan is to try to grab a group (looks like the best way to hit that temple) and finish up.  I’ve got about 3 weeks and am hoping I can get my wolfie shaman, a wolfie pet before my month is up.

We will see how it goes though.  If Vanguard keeps giving free months and letting players decide what the dev’s will fix (what a great idea) I may have to stick around longer.

EQ: 1000 Words

Posted in EQ1, MMO's, MMORPG with tags , , , on May 16, 2009 by crookshankz


I don’t think I need to repeat myself.  You know where I am, and what I’m doing.

EQ: Smiles From Ear to Ear

Posted in EQ1, MMO's, MMORPG on May 15, 2009 by crookshankz

After my tech ordeal yesterday, my wife and I got to log in later than I wanted, but, some good gaming got done.  We were down to 4 quests in the Mines of Gloomingdeep.  Basically all the named bosses.  We laid down a reign of punishment and terror upon the Kobold’s that would leave, even the bards and poets of Norrath, speechless.

Off to PoK.

Per the game’s suggestion we found a few people offering Armor Quests and grabbed the ones we found.  Next, we ran over to the Guild Hall Lobby.  As was pointed out to me, the Guild Hall Lobby is the new Main Bank.  And sure enough there were roughly 90 people hanging out there.

We called out to find some nice souls to throw some buffs our way.  It’s funny, we had a 5 minute talk on the names of them.  In the end I think we could only remember Breeze and KEI.  Someone was nice enough to give us some Breeze and then we just went with my wife’s Shammy buffs.

Off to Butcherblock we went.

The first AQ wasn’t tough at all.  My wife was chiming “Yeaaa!  We’re in Butcherblock!  We’re in Butcherblock!”  Our first stop was the Chessboard.  The skellies around there begging us for mercy.  Next stop was the tower over by the druid ring in BB.  This area gave me the biggest chuckle.  About the time you hit the valley, in BB the music changed.  The best music MIDI can offer….I just couldn’t stop laughing.  MIDI 🙂

We finished off that AQ and started the second, which took us into Greater Faydark.  Again the Nostalgia was flowing plenty.  I had to stop and marvel at seeing the spires once more.  We had to log half way through the quest.  Hopefully that will be finished tonight.

Once I got into the gaming, I had a great time seeing all these places over again.  We had a great time.