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LoTRO: The Timing Is Right

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For the first time in quite some time, my weekend had quite of MMO happening.  My month of Everquest was up and my wife and I decided not to resub.  Don’t get me wrong we had a blast but, maybe a taste of the game is all we need to satisfy our EQ craving.  I don’t think we did too bad.  Levels 1 – 30 in a month of a little more than casual play isn’t too shabby I don’t think.

I left Vanguard as well.  I am slightly disappointed I didn’t ride it out for a bit longer to get my Shaman up a few more levels to finally get his pet. I can list my reasons but, I’m pretty sure I’d just be making excuses.  For some reason, I just couldn’t get into the game.  Pretty sure, me not getting into the game, was all my fault.

Great, now I don’t have an MMO to play.  I mean, I don’t have to play MMO’s but I like to have one locked and loaded just in case I need to one.  What to do, what to do.

It’s weird how my brain works sometimes and how I associate things.  So, via numberous blogs and Massively, I see DDO is going F2P.  I know some players are complaining about it but, it today’s tough economic time, I think it’s a “except change or loose the game” kind of situation. And a change like this, good or bad, is getting DDO mentioned everywhere (for a change).  Even my grandmother called and asked me about it (she’s very hip for her age).

With that, I started humming a tune of “Turbine smart, mart, mart-mart-mart” and hit up their website.  I checked out DDO and signed up for their F2P beta.  I then wandered over to LoTRo’s  website.  I’ve said it before, from what I’ve played (which has been limited to the trial) I really enjoyed the game.  I’ve never just been in the right circumstances to play it.  Either I’m happy with the MMO I’m playing, or I’ve been broke or something.  But, I see on the website that I can pick up Mines of Moria for $10 and pay $10 a month.  Hey that’s pretty sweet.  And, I’m not playing any MMO.  Time see’s pretty good.

I must say, that I am a bit concerned with higher levels.  When I hear multiple, old school Everquest players tell me the game gets way too grindy,it makes a bead of sweat instantly appear on my brow (ooooooo magic).  But let’s be honest here.  As fickle as I have been on my MMO’s lately, do we really think I’ll last that long?  I guess we will see.


Gaming Galore

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Yesterday was a power day of gaming for me. I was pretty pleased on how much I was able to fit in, in my short amount of time.

Now that I’m off Noob Island and on the mainland I feel fairly overwhelmed.  The area is huge and my character feels small.  I knocked out a hand full of quests and somehow found myself at the beginning of a dungeon’esque kind of place.  I went for it but, was called away at the most inopportune time.  Death was inevitable.

Raise Your Hand If Youre Sure!

Raise Your Hand If You're Sure!

Free Realms:
I’m gonna have to be honest here.  I’ve decided I’m just not that into Free Realms no matter how much I try.  I did try it again yesterday.  I ran around, won quite a few games of chess and did get sucked into a the mining mini-game for a while.
I did get to play with my wife some Everquest last night.  I was fairly excited because I was ready to hit 30 and get my next pet.  I was kind of sick of Marus Saru and wanted to try another place to hunt for a while.  That began this hour long journey of running to different zones trying to remember the best place to go.  We tried Great Divide, Eastern Wastes, the Beach of Gunthak, Stonebrunt Mountains, and Grimbling Hills just to name a few and couldn’t find a good place in any of them. 

The Norrath Was Full Tonight

The Norrath Was Full Tonight

There were a hand full of zones that the mobs must have left with the players.  In Hollowshade Moor, my wife and I split up and counted 5 mobs in the whole zone.  YIKES!!  Of course, knowing Everquest we could have been in there at the wrong time of day.

Eventually, we found ourselves back in Marus Saru and I did get to ding 30.  The disappointment of the day was my new pet being >27.  This means that when I get my next one at 39, odds are he will con grey to many of the mobs I hope to be fighting.  Disappointing, disappointing, disappointing.

EQ: How Did I Get Here?

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The last time I posted on the site and said I would be back with a new blog…well, this isn’t the post I thought I would be writing. Now I am sitting back and reflecting. I’m wondering how did I get here again?

I know it started a few nights ago. The wife and I were sitting out on the back patio and talking MMO’s (who us?) And I am pretty sure one of us (if not both) were saying that MMO’s these days are fairly pansy-wamsy spoon feeders that want to lead you around by the hand showing you the content that they want you to see. Why, back in my day no one held our hands. We had 15 zones for levels 10-15 and it would take you 2 hours just to get there. And if you got lost there would be Hill Giants waiting to use your tibia as a tooth pick…and we liked it! Back in my day there a quest journal was the note pad you kept by your computer. And you just hoped that your kid didn’t fold up the quest and make a paper airplane out to go out to attack the neighbor’s dog. And the dog would rip it out of his, and do his business on it. Then if you want to find out what quest items you need, you had try to make out your writing on a soggy piece of paper. And we liked it…no we LOVED IT!

And that’s how I ended up here. By being a grumpy, old man. The trial of EQ installed…played. Resubscribing. . Ah, whatever. If I can tell you one thing I know for sure…We are gonna like it. No, we’ll love it!

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

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I have found looking back at my blog very interesting.  I’m proud to say I’ve almost kept it a full year with semi regular updates.  Looking back I see my blogging start in the middle of my EQ2 love.  As the story progresses you see me falling out of love with it.

2008 has been a year of trying all different sorts of MMO’s.  All of them had some elements that I really liked, some elements I really hated but, all in all I have to say that trying them have made me much more in tune with my likes and dislikes.

I do wish I could be writing that I have found the perfect MMO for me or one that is close to perfect but at least as of now, I that’s not happened.  But, I am still searching and maybe one day.  I am sure that I just expect too much for my gaming dollar.

2009 looks like less than a spectacular year for MMO’s which is actually fine.  I’ve enrolled back into college full time and wouldn’t be able to dedicate quality time into any game anyways.  So I plan to keep trying as many games as I need until I can find a good quality time sink to my likings, keep reading a ton of gaming blogs and keep on, keeping on.

Happy hunting and Happy New Year

Ryzom: Down Sides?

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Managed to squeeze in some time in Ryzom.  I think I’ve figured out a good chunk of what I’m doing.  I managed to finish my quest lines for fighting, magic and crafting.  I still have a few harvesting quests to do.

Harvesting is what I’m having the toughest time with.  It is a beast.  All the nodes look the same so you really don’t know what your getting until you start getting it.  Also, many of the nodes are buried so “Prospecting” helps bring those hidden nodes up.  Of course, prospecting eats up my Focus (think mana for harvesting).  Then you have the joy of some nodes being filled with poison gas.  Harvesting can be can actually kill you in game if you are not paying attention.

For my fighting quest line I was able to solo all but, the last quest.  I made a call out and got someone willing to help me.  I got in a conversation with him on how the mainland was.  The toon that helped me was this guy’s alt.  I’m not sure what level his main was.  I began to question him on the rest of the game.  What he said made me raise an eyebrow.

There are quests in the mainland.  Those quests give no XP and no rewards worth having.  You do get fame that is used as faction that allows you to use some of the luxeries of that faction (think teleporters, merchants, ect)  I was told explore around, find a good, active guild and that I would have a good time.  Also, if I was nervous about leaving the island to keep my main there, make a new toon and just go to the mainland at level 1.

I’ve decided today, I’m going to run my main toon over there.  I must admit that I’m very nervous about the game now.  At the same time, I don’t think I can give up on it yet.  I keep complaining about MMO’s just copying other MMO’s.  Now I found one that seems different and it’s that difference and how it effects higher levels that have me concerned.  I’m just going to have to try it and find out for myself.

And besides, the mainland is where all the content is.  If I hate the mainland, I’ll hate the content and thus a majority game won’t be actually enjoyable.  Why would I want to play that?

Commentary: Girlie Elves

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When I was a kid, my mom bought me a second hand Dragonlance book.  I have no idea the name of it.  That was probably one of the first true fantasy books I’ve ever read.  It was then I found my affection for the elves.

I enjoyed their loyalty, and their mischievous ways.  Hey, there are wood elves!  I have wood in my last name.  How cool is that when you are eleven?  Ha!  eleven, elven, so close. 

Fast forward several years.  My wife introduces me to MMO’s.  EQ1, guess what I get to be?

My wife and I in EQ

My wife and I in EQ

That’s right!  I’m a wood elf!  I found this one of the coolest features in EQ.  I’m my favorite fantasy character!  W00t!  I really enjoyed playing him.  A wood elf druid.  At the time he could throw down some decent DPS, and heals.  Basically, I’d taxi everyone where they wanted to go and back up the whole team where needed.  It kept me busy.  (Later to be nerfed to be less than mediocre at everything)

He wasn’t the most masculine looking character in the game but, he was all elf.

Elves came out in a bunch of different MMO’s since then and I keep wondering WTF are they thinking.  As far as my A.D.D. let’s me read on Wikipedia, elves are “beautiful” not femme.  But apparently, game companies are having a hard time discerning from the two.

Some time, in between EQ1 and future EQ2, high levels of Estrogen have been pumped into Greater Faydark’s water supply.

Wheres my lipstick?

Where's my lipstick?

Realizing their mistake, SOE promptly made up for it with the wood elves in Vanguard.

Here instead of looking femme, now they look both femme and beaten with a fugly stick.  They are like some funky elf/Michael Jackson hybrid.

Lineage 2 just made the elf girls look so hot, you never even noticed if the game had males.


I made the mistake of trying to make an Elf in WoW on the trial version.  I logged in and found 5 million naked elf chicks running around.

5 mill players and all are naked DE girls.

 I immediately logged out and put my head down on my desk.  Somewhere in this cruel world, a kitten was being killed.

 That’s not to say some games didn’t try different avenues.  LoTRo decided Legolas must have been a pimp

Wheres Muh Money?!

Where's Muh Money?!

And finally WAR decided on…

Im from France

I'm from France

Half elf, half conehead.  All stupid.  I have no idea what the thought process was here.

Developers!!!! Listen to me.  If you are having a hard time pumping testosterone into elves perhaps you should just get rid of the guy elves all together.  Just stick with hot female elves.  I’d rather have you do that than mess up a fantasy favorite of mine since I was a kid.

WAR: Family Night in War

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Even my wife, who still is not sold on Warhammer yet, cannot deny the adorableness of Dwarves.  Out of the handful of toons she’s made so far, this was the first one that got a “I had fun!” instead of “Meh, whatever” from the moment it was made.

Family Portrait
Family Portrait
Things that were noteworthy last night: 
     *  Damaged equipment which were fixed into level 1 shoulders dropped.  I didn’t even know there were such things as level 1 shoulders.
     *  The Chapter 1 Public Quest in the dwarf area offers Body Gear in the green bag.
     * The hot fix yesterday seemed to help my White Lion’s pet always be visible and he wasn’t disappearing randomly.  He also did much better at sticking by my side.  His pathing is still a bit wonky though.
     *  Wife had a good time 🙂  (W00T!)
It is a day off for me today!  Heroes is going to be watched while having breakfast and WAAAGH!! to follow immediately thereafter.  Doesn’t that sound like a good day? 
Happy Hunting!